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Bibliography: Research on British History
in the Federal Republic of Germany


Since 1983 the German Historical Institute London has been publishing a series of annotated bibliographies of research on British history in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the intention of this series to provide a convenient survey of research on British history which has appeared in Germany, not least for scholars who do not usually use German-language materials. So far four editions have been published covering the period 1978 to 1997. The fifth volume for the years 1998 to 2000 is scheduled for spring 2002.
To keep pace with the increasing number of publications the annotated bibliography will from 2001 onwards be made only available as an online database on this website. All scholars working on British, Irish, Imperial or Commonwealth History are invited to present abstracts of their books or collections of essays on this website, provided their books are published by a German publisher.

Interested authors should follow these guidelines:
  • Texts, not exceeding 200-300 words, should be in English.
  • Bibliographical details are to be given in the following order:

  • author’s FIRST NAME and SURNAME, title of publication, title of series (if any) and the number of the volume within the series (place of publication. Publisher, date), number of pages, price
    for example:
    KLAUS MUSTERMANN, Geschichte der englischen Seefahrt im 18. Jahrhundert, Veröffentlichungen des Instituts für Marinegeschichte, 23 (Hamburg: Nautilus, 2001), XI + 766 pp. € 68.00
  • Abstracts (file format: Word 6.0 or Word 2000 or MS-DOS-Text or RTF) should be sent on disc or as e-mail attachment to the following address:
  • German Historical Institute
    17 Bloomsbury Square
    London WC1A 2NJ




    1. 1978-1983. Ed. by Lothar Kettenacker and Wolfgang J[ustin] Mommsen.
    London, German Historical Institute London: 1983. - 63 S.
    Stocks are
    Not available as PDF
    2. 1983-1988. Ed. by Frank Rexroth.
    London, German Historical Institute London: 1990. - 139 S.
    ISBN 0-9511485-6-7
    Available free
    on request
    Not available as PDF
    3. 1989-1994. Ed. by Ulrike Jordan.
    London, German Historical Institute London: 1996. - 219 S.
    ISBN 0-9521607-7-3
    Available free
    on request
    (558 KB)
    4. 1995-1997. Ed. by Andreas Fahrmeir.
    London, German Historical Institute London: 1998. - 223 S.
    ISBN 0-9533570-0-7
    Available free
    on request
    (598 KB)
    5. 1998-2000. Ed. by Regina Poertner.
    London, German Historical Institute London: 2002. - 192 S.
    Available free
    on request
    (716 KB)
    6. 2001. Ed. by Michael Schaich. Not available
    in print
    Not available as PDF
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