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STEFAN SCHIEREN, Die stille Revolution. Der Wandel der britischen Demokratie unter dem Einfluss der europäischen Integration, edition universität (Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 2001), 363 pp, € 32,90

ISBN 3-534-15760-5

When the Conservative government decided in 1973 that the country should enter the European Community it triggered off a "Silent Revolution". Since then the constitution of the United Kingdom and her democracy has changed in a fundamental way. The community law led to a subliminal Europeanization of the political, legal and constitutional system of Great Britain though the political leadership of the country was strongly opposed to a development like this. However, the British interest to stay in the EC at last shattered the illusion of being able to preserve the country's old and honourable constitution.

The book deals with the extent and the trend of this revolution and its causes. By doing this the book also points (a) to several aspects that concern the relations between politics and law and (b) to the difficulties that arise from the fact that the member states of the EU have different constitutional and legal traditions.

Stefan Schieren

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